Rebuilding Trust

Couples Counseling and Marriage Therapy Trust IssuesRelationships cannot grow or have a chance of becoming happy if there’s no trust.

Trust issues in relationships, while they seem innocent in the beginning, can eventually destroy a relationship.

If a mistrusted partner believes there is nothing they can do to be trusted, they often end up leaving.

Real trust grows gradually, over time, as each person risks a little more and doesn’t get hurt. The slow growth of trust is why – once the trust is broken – it’s difficult to recover.

One goal of marriage therapy concerns working through these trust issues and coming out the other end with a stronger relationship. Sometimes a relationship becomes so difficult that professional relationship counseling is needed.

Violations of Trust

When someone violates a commitment and harms another person in the process, trust doesn’t just lessen, it often goes away entirely. For example, if someone violates their wedding vows once, even after years of being faithful, the marriage is usually over. Just one violation can put every trust issue the relationship in doubt.

If you’re the injured party, recovery only comes if you’re willing to risk again, and gradually let your partner try to earn your trust back. That can be difficult and time consuming. By the time two people are ready to try to recover, there may be several trust violations and retaliations. In these cases, both partners need to consciously review the relationship and see if the benefits outweigh the betrayals.

Irrational Trust Issues

Sometimes we have irrational trust issues. Trust issues can be hardest to overcome when they are irrational because they are not based in reality. In these instances, jealousy may be an anxiety that stems from low self-esteem. One partner may feel they don’t deserve the other.

Many people can get over the milder forms of this type of anxiety as their trust in their partner grows. Some, though, have such a severe anxiety that their distrust actually pushes their spouse away. In these instances, relationship counseling and individual therapy can be helpful.

Building Trust

Couples Counseling and Marriage Therapy  Build TrustBuilding trust is a skill we are suppose to learn from our parents. In order to build trust in a relationship, we need to be able to do the following:

  • Create meaning and understanding
  • Apologize effectively
  • Explain point of view
  • Make commitments
  • Follow through on promises
  • Discuss how promises are being kept

Relationship trust issues can be complex and sometimes painful. With relationship counseling, it’s usually possible to overcome distrust and grow a healthy, long-tern relationship. Just imagine the day you can finally rest in each others trust, fully able to be yourselves, feeling confident that you’re the person the other one wants to be with.

Marriage Counseling Helps

Marriage counseling can help people to identify and address the source of problematic trust issues. Although being unable to trust can destroy a relationship, learning to trust can often bring the relationship back from the brink. By working with a good couples counselor, partners can separate past trust issues from future fears, and rebuild trust.

Trust is a quality that develops over time in every context, and with proper guidance, a person can gain the insight to identify where trust was compromised in the past. In fact, the marriage counseling process itself helps many people learn to trust again, as trust and mutual respect are integral to the relationship between the marriage counselor and clients.

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