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couples counseling and marriage therapy blogsA couple of my favorite past times are reading and writing about counseling psychology and relationships.

I write about a wide range of topics because I have a wide range of interests.

Subjects include psychology, spirituality, alternative medicine, nutrition, fasting marriage counseling and cinematherapy.

Since I love to write, I author books, research, and a number of blogs. I also write about the latest research, my education and professional and personal experience with natural remedies for mental health.

Thousands of people read my blogs. Here are some reasons why you should too:

  • You don’t have time to read the 300+ psychological and medical studies released by journals each week – but you do deserve to know what studies matter to your relationships
  • The real scoop – unbiased health information (the blogs do not accept any advertisements)
  • Cutting edge information on emotional wellness; topics related to the most commons reasons people consider therapy, how to choose a therapist, why psychotherapy is effective, and other topics related to emotional health

Dr. Fredricks’ Relationship Tips Blog

couples counseling blogDr. Fredricks Relationship Tips Blog features articles and information on how to improve communication, connection, and intimacy. Touted as “Silicon Valley’s Marriage Counseling Expert,” the blogs discuss how to repair your relationship and reconnect with your partner.

This blog also has latest information and research on what makes marriage work and why some succeed and some fail. Articles Article focus on how the ability to manage emotions helps us navigate relationships, maximize intellectual success, and develop meaningful connection.

To learn more and read the latest tips, visit the marriage counselor blog at
Dr. Fredricks’ Relationship Tips Blog

Dr. Fredricks’ Cinema Therapy Blog

marriage therapy blogCinema therapy, often called “film therapy” or “movie therapy,” is a process where a therapist prescribes movies to help couples explore the dynamics of their relationship.

Although few therapists actually center their entire practice around cinema therapy, movies have long been a tool to help those in therapy achieve their goals. For example, I try to recommend a movie for couples the majority of the time. Additionally, I invite them to discuss movies that have meaning to them.

My Cinema Therapy Blog contains hundreds of movies that I have found to have therapeutic value.

To read my latest entries and archives, go to
Dr. Fredricks’ Cinema Therapy Blog

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