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My name is Dr. Randi Fredricks and I am a marriage counselor who specializes in relationship repair, affair recovery, and divorce prevention.

I often hear from couples that are in despair – frightened that their relationship is beyond help. Their communications have broken down, trust has eroded and sex is almost nonexistent. I also frequently see fundamentally strong couples that may be facing a specific crisis and want the aid of a professional.

Partners come into couples therapy or marriage counseling with a variety of issues to address including communication and conflict resolution, sexual and intimacy issues, fighting and anger problems, identity and role conflict, dependence vs. independence, religion, ethics and values, jealousy, parenting, infidelity, money and finances, addiction, family and in-law struggles, step family issues, gender roles, infertility, adoption, and many more.

Couples Therapy Is Working As A Team

I view couples therapy as extremely collaborative, and I use a strong team approach to get quick results. I am very involved in the session at all times and will honestly communicate to you what I see, feel and think. I begin by establishing a vision for the relationship, which incorporates the ideals of both members.

My office becomes a safe haven, where problems can be discussed without fear of pain, judgment or retribution. Our consultation time is used as a living laboratory, a place where we can explore different styles, interventions and techniques. These can be used to change hurtful and destructive patterns in the relationship and create a stronger, more open and meaningful connection.

We get right to the heart of the matter and work together to try and solve the biggest problems in your relationship.

Marriage Counseling That Works

What do I expect from you as my client? I expect a serious commitment to our work, an ability to be open when looking what you bring into the relationship (both positive and negative) without defensiveness, and a commitment to altering your own ineffectual behaviors.

When these conditions are met there is an excellent chance that I can not only help you get your relationship back on track, but take you to an even stronger place. One you may not have ever imagined was possible, but was achievable through our couples counseling sessions.

Choosing the right couples therapist is an important decision and a good fit is necessary to make effective progress. My work is characterized by intuition, compassion, optimism and collaboration. I try to be straightforward, without being harsh, and encouraging without applying any pressure.

I hope you’ll take some time to look through my web site to learn more specific details about my work as a couples therapist. To learn more about how I work, you can also visit my practice website San Jose Counseling and Psychotherapy. I hope to hear from you and look forward to our work together.

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San Jose Couples Counseling and Marriage Therapy space San Jose Couples Counseling and Marriage Therapy space San Jose Couples Counseling and Marriage Therapy space

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San Jose Couples Counseling and Marriage Therapy space
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